Working to implement User Experience and Human Centered Design design principles to the user interface and information architecture of across a suite of dApps.

GOAL: Streamline adoption of cryptocurrency via simply designed, highly relevant products for engaged organisations and individuals.

TIMELINE: Post ICO through to product launch and subsequent iteration OF dAPP INTERFACES

PROCESS: working to implement human centered design principles. collaborating with local and remote development teams in agile delivery model

TOOLS: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, User Testing

my role: user experience and interface designer


To comply with my confidentiality agreement I have omitted confidential information. These designs are a reinterpretation of the original.

canseek today.JPG

project: canseek

CanSeek is a hiring tool that makes use of blockchain technology and a "winner-takes-all" mechanism that pools CAN tokens to incentivise the strongest candidates be put forward for roles on the marketplace.

Artefacts coming soon



The CAN coin investor and cryptocommunity facing home of CanYa

Artefacts coming soon.


Project: Canwork

App #1 to launch in the CanYa ecosystem

A decentralised marketplace for freelance professionals to exchange services. Backed by blockchain technology (smart contracts and hedged escrow), CanWork protects contract payments and facilitates a global freelance economy with only 1% fees.

Artefacts coming soon


Other Can-Activities

Maintaining engagement in a decentralised community of investors and contributors takes a herculean effort. To assist, occasionally the UX team goes rogue, flexing our graphic design and illustration skills to create a little fun. In this case, I created two new sticker sheets, coming soon to a MacBookPro near you.

sticker 1.JPG
sticker 2.JPG