Small Talk & Co.

Small Talk & Co. holds a space open for a new conversation - a conversation about work worth doing.

Each interview begins by asking each entrepreneur to define or ‘label’ what it is they do. But ST&Co. is in no way only about labels; by beginning each interview this way, we open up  a conversation with each entrepreneur is much richer and more detailed than any label can afford our understanding. Each interviewee’s story is complex and multifaceted, built up over time through experiences of success and frustration.

Christopher Kowalski picks mushrooms - Autumn Harvest

Christopher Kowalski is a forager.

To be specific, Chris forages for wild mushrooms. For a living. I’m sure I’m not the only aspiring-entrepreneur who is blown away that work this specific, this niche, actually exists. Now the largest supplier of wild mushrooms in Victoria, Autumn Harvest prides itself on a commitment to offering only the best of what nature provides, whilst maintaining strong relationships with restaurateurs and key clients across the state.

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