Katie Boyle is a florist

Katie Boyle is the award winning owner/operator of Pollen and Patina Florist in Sale, Victoria. Katie describes the store as like no other florist in Gippsland, boasting Sale’s largest selection of fresh blooms, from classic roses and lillies to more unusual tropical’s and seasonal selections. Pollen and Patina has gained a reputation for beautiful styling and decor, with an old-meets-new twist. Katie's fresh take on floristry is inspired by her journey across Europe, working with some of the world’s best designers and has taken Gippsland by storm. Small Talk & Co. was recently honored to learn from the very energetic Katie what makes her business tick.

Fast facts

Business:  Pollen and Patina, Florist

Owner: Katie Boyle

Location: Sale, Victoria

What you do?

I'm a florist, with further studies in Visual Arts. I worked my butt off as an apprentice and managed to win seven awards and a $10000 international study tour in floristry through Box Hill Institute. Being a super independent gal, I found myself setting up Pollen and Patina to offer Gippslander’s a new way of thinking about floristry, educating them about my trade and skill and keeping myself sane after returning from three months overseas studying floristry.

The shop combines my two loves, flowers (pollen) and old vintage furniture (Patina) - look that word up in the dictionary, most people think my name is Patina! I've recently won more national awards and look forward to achieving new and greater things soon both within my personal career and growing Pollen and Patina as a business.

What sets Pollen and Patina apart from other florists?

I think because I'm young, fresh and kind of a trendaholic, people are drawn to Pollen and Patina for it's use of unusual and very seasonal flowers. It's lush and textured floral designs with a very recognisable Pollen and Patina wedding style.

We only wrap and box in specific colours and most floral work is done front of shop so you get to see your purchase created.

I've also learnt to accept being a redhead as it's kind of like a brand, people always say "you know, that red headed girl from that nice florist".

Modern Bridal bouquet
Modern Bridal bouquet

What is the one tool of your trade you cant live without?

My knife. In Australia we learn to use scissors but I learnt to use a knife while I was overseas. It's much more gentle on the flowers and gives you great control and it's quick.

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration comes from all over. I'm often swayed by the current colour trends. I'm a very visual person so I like to let materials tell the story. Sometimes I have no idea what I'm even about to do. I get in my groove and surprise myselfI

Where do you spread the word of new products or events?

I'm always scouting the makers markets, online, instagram, facebook and more.

I like to ask my suppliers who they like also. It's like a little community of makers and creators. If I see a new product, love it but know I already stock something similar I'll suggest it to a friends store to stock so I can buy it. The little peeps have to work together!

Table Arrangement
Table Arrangement


Tea or coffee: Coffee, Soy, Really hot, by time I get to drink it it's cool.

Savvy, Sass or Study?: Can I say all of the above? Savvy people get ahead, they can always bullshit their way through

Want - learning or opportunity? I'd love the opportunity to show locals what Pollen and Patina is really capable of. Unfortunately in a small regional area $ don't allow. So sometimes I feel constrained but make the most of every opportunity

Need - apprentice or expert?: Expert. Another ME need only apply

Superpower: Flying. No need to even pack the ladder!

Friends of Pollen and Patina

Moxom and Whitney Florist are inspiring me at the moment. Their work is fun, emotional and incredible. Plus I follow them on all social media and they seem like the most entertaining peeps

Sherise Fleming is my very talented and too humble photography friend, sometimes I can't believe it when she drops in a conversation that she took photos of Kurtis Stone, Trixie and Johno's apartment on the block and more. I'd be dropping those names in everywhere to people, to the point of harassment! See Sherise's interview with Small Talk here

How can I contact you? 

We're on the book  (Facebook)

Pollen and Patina website and blog

Email me - pollenandpatina@gmail.com

Ph 03 51 444 040

or come see my red hair in real life at 285 Raymond Street, Sale