TEDxMelbourne Volunteer Experience

Applying human centered design principles to streamline operations, build and engage 100% volunteer team year round.

Photos by Erin Pimm

It all started when…

In mid 2016 I volunteered at the TEDxMelbourne event 'Adventurous Minds' held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre. Following on from a previous volunteer experience with the TEDx team at 2014’s ‘Off the Grid’, I was made Head Door B$#@h (sorry mum) - official title Team Leader Plenary Doors.

I must have impressed, because  a week later I was recruited to the core team by then Operations Lead, Jannie McLeod (now CEO).


Year 1 - 2016/17 Establish

PROJECT: establish standardised recruitment and induction process

TARGET USER: New recruits to core team

GOAL: PROVIDE A streamlined EXPERIENCE to reduce volunteer fatigue 

ROLE: operations coordinator, EXPERIENCE DESIGNer and implementer 

From a very minimal base, applying my office management and business operations experience to the creation of standardised key documents for core team inductions and contact management; standardised emails, single database and contact list, updated handbook, slack introductions. Keep it simple behind the scenes processes to make new team member onboarding stress free for both the volunteer and myself.

Managing year round recruitment for entry level roles, working with teams to identify gaps and fill them with the best candidates Melbourne has to offer. 


Year 2 - 2017/18 Enrich

PROJECT: enhance on the day volunteer experience across volunteer lifecycle

TARGET USER: on the day volunteers

GOAL: create an enriching short term volunteer experience that makes them want to come back for more

Role: People Operations Lead, reporting to CEO, EXPERIENCE DESIGNer and implementer 

Oversee the sourcing, interview and deployment of 100 superstar event day volunteers each year. Lead the redesign and facilitation of our best ever Event Day Volunteer cohort ('17). Supporting my team to amplify their volunteer management expertise in order to create a smoother and more rewarding experience for all.


Year 3 - 2018+ Engage

PROJECT: enhance core team engagement

TARGET USER: 35+ member core team

GOAL: increase year on year retention amongst core team, amplify feel good social connections

Role: People Operations Lead, reporting to CEO, Member of Executive, EXPERIENCE DESIGNer and implementer 

Working  to identify opportunities to engage and deliver team socials, professional development sessions and other volunteer benefits.